Knocker Rig – Making The Best Bottom Fishing Rig

You would agree that it could be difficult to catch some fish that love to move around at the bottom. You may need to include some bottom-moving species in your wish list as they may be covered in different structures like reefs to stay protected from incoming predators and disguise to hunt their prey. As such, you need a knocker rig to get the job done. Let us get started on the best knocker rigs that will help you in your subsequent hunts.

Top 7 Knocker Rigs

Here are the top ten recommendations of knocker rigs you can get as they would serve you and increase your chances of a good fishing adventure. 

1. Gamakatsu Cat Fish Rig

Gamakatsu Cat Fish Rig is an affordable choice that is available in a size. The item is a lightweight choice as it weighs 0.1 pounds. You should increase your chance of having a catch by using this quality product. It is designed from materials that make the product friendly to the environment.

Due to its inception many years back, this knocker rig has been a common choice for many anglers all across the world. it is only available in a single size but it supports the various fishing techniques you may want to employ. However, the common type of fish you may want to use this item for is catfish.


    • Affordable and high-quality
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • The product is friendly with the environment
    • Efficient for large catfish


    • Not appropriate for deep water


Gamakatsu Cat Fish Rig is an ideal knocker rig fishing that would be a great addition to your accessories, especially if your target species are catfish.

2. Reaction Tackle Carolina Rig or brass Ready Rig

Reaction Tackle Carolina Rig or brass Ready Rig comes in the possibly highest quality you can imagine. Do you know that this item allows you to insert diamond or free polish such that the line is protected from damages? Well, you can do that to elongate your usage of the rig.

For every package you purchase, there are six different rigs in it. By implication, this means that bulky purchase is more cost-effective. The rigs are exactly what any angler needs for bass fishing or for other species of fish that love to swim at the bottom of the water body.

The rigs protect the weight from the plastic bait such that your bait can be visible because it is floating. Hence, you will be able to see when a fish is trying to feed on your lure. Also, the fish will be carried away and stay on the lure for a long time because the weight has no effect on them.

In each package, there is a bullet weight, a brass amplifier, and 3 plastic beads. Each feature has several advantages they confer on the knocker rig. The weight of the brass helps to attract more fish as it clicks on the beads.

The product is friendly to the environment. Even if you are fishing in a site with weeds and other heavy covers, the brass is heavier and will be more effective than having fewer hang-ups. However, the rig is designed to be sensitive such that you can notice any bite, no matter how subtle it could be.

This rig saves time as you would have an increased catch with it in your next bottom fishing.


    • Effective to catch fish
    • Affordable and cost-effective
    • Quality material
    • Comes as multiple items


    • Knowing the ideal size for your lake could be hard


Reaction Tackle Carolina Rig or brass Ready Rig is a top choice if you need a knocker rig for fishing.

3. Easy Catch Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rig

Rather than buy one knocker rig and be stranded if it goes missing or gets damaged, why not go for these four pieces of Easy Catch Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rig? The item is made from stainless steel and it does not weigh more than 1 oz. It comes with two nice snaps and a fishing swivel.

Its bottom snap is properly designed for easy attachment of the sinker. It is a top choice for flounder, trout, bottom fish, or salmon. The brand is not only known for its high-quality rig but it has all the needs of an angler for a fishing terminal tackle as they also produce sleeves, leaders, sinkers, swivels, lures.


    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Perfect choice of knocker rig
    • Available in multiple sizes
    • High-quality and quite affordable


    • If mishandled, it could twist up after some moments of use



Easy Catch Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rig is an effective solution for anglers that want to hunt in deep water. This rig always does the job for you.

4. Scotank Fishing Leaders Swivels Snap Connect Fishing Gear Rig

Scotank Fishing Leaders Swivels Snap Connect Fishing Gear Rig appears to be a heavy-duty rig that allows you to catch two fish all at once. Its weight is 25 kg which makes it not appropriate for young people that are just starting to fish. However, it is loaded with several features that allow you have more catches of fish. o

It has 2 arms which you can interlock with another snap. Its level of durability, strength, and reliability. The 2 arms are away from the leader such that there is no form of entanglement. Also, you can remove or add weight if you think you need to.

Unlike some people that cut the lines of their rigs, this knocker rig allows you to keep the hooks and lines. It is the ideal choice to hunt various fish species and have bottom fishing. It also allows you to keep your bait away from rocks or crabs.

Use your two baits at once and enjoy double catch in a single fishing adventure. It does not matter if it is saltwater or freshwater, this knocker rig got you covered.


    • Allows you to have multiple catches
    • Great level of strength and durability
    • Several features for heavy-duty
    • Keeps bait away from crabs or rocks
    • Affordable for its functionality


    • Heavy for a beginner to start with


Scotank Fishing Leaders Swivels Snap Connect Fishing Gear Rig can be your perfect gift to encourage an advanced angler. You cannot get it wrong with this product.

5. THKFish Fishing Weights Bullet-Weights Carolina Ready Rigs

THKFish Fishing Weights Bullet-Weights Carolina Ready Rig is always ready to serve you as it saves you from having to tie your rig. It is a great choice to troll both small fish and bigger fish. It has a great appearance and is easy to use.

The wire is perfectly crafted such that you would love it for freshwater and saltwater. Once you are ready to fish ensure you tie the leader to the swivel and the loop to your line. That will give you a positive fishing tackle for an angler.

The Carolina ready rig has bullet weights that one can easily slide up and down while there is noise when they come against the bead. It is a more effective option for deep water fishing, although, you can also use them in freshwater (as they may be shallow).

They are available in different sizes and you can choose the most appropriate size for your need. The product is lightweight as it makes the fishing process more convenient.


    • Lightweight and convenient to use
    • Perfect choice for deep fishing
    • Available in different sizes and top quality
    • Easy to use


    • Not the best option for shallow fishing


THKFish Fishing Weights Bullet-Weights Carolina Ready Rig can be a great gift idea to anyone as you encourage them to keep fishing and have more catches.

6. Airkoul Fishing Leaders Stainless Steel Fishing Rigs

Airkoul Fishing Leaders Stainless Steel Fishing Rig is made from nylon coated stainless steel material. If you want a knocker rig for grouper, then you have the best choice for that. This rig is equipped with copper swivels, snaps, and beads. It has two arms such that you can use two varying baits at once with the rig.

The rig is ideal whether you are using small or soft bait like worms or clams. It is small for scup or little bluefish and long enough for catfish, pike, fish perch, salmon, shad, bass, muskie, herring, pickerel, crucian, snapper, or toothy fish. There are three different options for this rig and you can choose which works best for you.

You can buy 10 pieces, 20 pieces, or 50 pieces. The more you buy, the more money you would be saving.


    • Appropriate for various types of fish
    • Made from quality materials
    • Several options with numerous rigs
    • It supports having two catches at once


    • Hook snaps could cut


Airkoul Fishing Leaders Stainless Steel Fishing Rig is a top-tier rig and you would want to add it to your collection.

7. AGOOL Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rigs

AGOOL Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rig is the go-to knocker rig for snapper. It has an egg sinker weight such that it is a high-quality material. From its rolling swivel, snap, and fishing beads, you would love the appearance of the product.

You can use this rig with a hook or lure such that you increase the casting distance, anchoring ability, and sinking. The wire is made from stainless steel and you can crimp it to the snap and swivel for extra strength. You would want it for your catfish, flounder, trout, or bottom species like jacks, snapper, grouper, jacks, striped bass, halibut, and redfish.

The weight of the product is 0.07 kilograms. Also, you can have them in 4 pieces such that there is a new one to use in case there is any damage to one. Its strong material makes it a sturdy choice and you can easily assemble it.


    • Lightweight and available in multiple pieces
    • Made from stainless steel for durability
    • Sinking is made easier
    • Good casting distance and anchoring ability


    • Need to be sure of the perfect size for your hunting site


AGOOL Fishing Egg Sinker Weight Rig is that appropriate knocker rig you would want for yourself as a beginner or an advanced angler. It makes fishing in deep water easier.

8. Weighted Grouper Rigs – Fishing Bottom Rigs with Egg Sinkers

Weighted Grouper Rig – Fishing Bottom Rig with Egg Sinkers is a product with 6 pieces or 10 pieces. The weight of the egg sinker helps the rig to take the hook down into where bottom swimming fishes can reach it. Additionally, it has snap, leader wire (stainless steel), and fishing beads.

Either you want the 10 octopus hooks or 10 circle hooks, your material is made from premium carbon steel. As a result, it is resistant to corrosion and made from high strength. It is your top choice for saltwater and freshwater.

You should tie this rig to your line, add bait to the hook, and begin to fish. It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, you would see that fishing will be easier than the previous experiences you had. If you are an angler that is targeting snappers, flounder, grouper, halibut, jacks, rockfish, striped bass, redfish, drum, rockfish, and other possible species.


    • Available in several sizes
    • Resistant to corrosion
    • High strength
    • Perfect for beginners and professionals


    • The leader line could snap


Weighted Grouper Rig – Fishing Bottom Rig with Egg Sinkers is a dependable knocker rig that has been the friend of anglers. It is beyond a mere accessory.

9. Fishing Vault Fully Rigged 5 Arms 8 Bladed Umbrella Rig

Fishing Vault Fully Rigged 5 Arms 8 Bladed Umbrella Rig weighs 7 gram and is the perfect option to target bass species. As the name implies, it is a fully rigged product with 5 arms, and leaf blades. It also has a jig head and long swimbaits.

It can be available in grey, black, or white color such that you would have great clarity no matter the type of water you use them on. You can spread the arms such that both points are not colliding with each other. The leaf blades provided flashes while in the water to get attention from bass from far meters away.

You can catch more than one fish at once with this product. Also, you can hunt other species with this product in as much as they eat shad.


    • Adorable colors to suit fishing
    • Being to catch more than a fish at once
    • Heavy features for easy use
    • Lightweight and easy to assemble


    • Twist connector does not come with the entire package
    • Could be fragile if poorly handled


Fishing Vault Fully Rigged 5 Arms 8 Bladed Umbrella Rig is a top-tier knocker rig with a high level of efficiency.

10. TST 3 Pack Tooth Shield Tackle Carolina Drum Rig

TST 3 Pack Tooth Shield Tackle Carolina Drum Rig is a heavy-duty drum rig that helps anglers record effective results during fishing. The product is made from environmentally friendly material. It is always a top choice to target catfish and redfish.

You can be assured that there are 3 pieces of drum rig in the package. It is important to know that the only brand responsible for this item is Tooth Shield Tackle and any other products from any source may be a fake items. The weight of the product is 80 pounds.

Its quality service is second to none and you would be glad to have it.


    • Outstanding performance with great result
    • Great hooks and weight
    • Environmentally friendly material


    • Its weight is heavy
    • Price may not be pocket friendly to all


TST 3 Pack Tooth Shield Tackle Carolina Drum Rig may appear to be an expensive choice for a knocker rig but you would love its functionality.

What is a Knocker Rig?

A knocker rig has grown to be a famous option for people who love to fish for fun or as an adventure. If you want to set up your line, you should have a knocker rig at the end of the line. You can tie your rig easily to the line.

Advanced anglers have said that there are many advantages that a knocker rig offers but an overriding one is that it helps for an effective catch. Here is all the information you need to know about a knocker rig.

The essence of a rig is to go as far as into the sea to get to the biggest possible catch. These rigs use a weighted line, a hook, and a barrel swivel to take the bait to meet the fishes in their natural habitat. It does not matter if your fishing site is offshore or inshore, using a rig has the assurance of having a large array of fish species.  

How does a knocker rig help to catch a fish?

A knocker rig helps in catching fish by not allowing fish to break off after they are caught. Also, they easily alert the angler such that he or she can be fast about pulling the line up and not making the fish get away with the bait.

What does one need to set up their knocker rigs?

For your knocker rig, you need a terminal tackle. Rather than having to look for expensive baits and lures to get fishes that may be at the end of the sea, you can bank on knocker rigs which are affordable. You can be flexible with the hook as the size is a function of the kind of fishing.

You can get a leader line that helps to break the strength. However, this is a function of the species of fish you want to catch or are in search of. The Barrel Swivels have an attachment at their respective ends which helps to link the leader to the mainline.

How To Make a Knocker Rig

Making a knocker right does not come with any hassle. You can follow some basic steps to be able to perfectly secure the reel and rod to have more fish.

Measure and Cut the leader line

It depends on the type of fish that is your target to know the ideal leader weight. If the fish was a bigger one, you will need a stronger leader line while a lighter line is perfect for a smaller fish. You should measure out about six feet of the leader line such that the ends do not become frayed. The leader line should be kept at the side for now.

Secure the Barrel Swivel with two lines of actions

From the reel, you should tie the line such that it goes from the tip of the rod to the other end of the barrel swivel. You must ensure that the end is properly tied such that the knot is sturdy and not allowed to slip.

Check out the part of the leader line that you have cut. Tie the opposite side of the mainline to the leader line. Nevertheless, you should correctly connect the knot to it such that there is no breaking or slipping.

Time to add the weight

Your knocker rig is to help you be close to the fish like never before. It depends on the depth of the water and how strong the current is, you can determine the amount of weight you need. However, you may need to cut and retie the line till you have found the perfect weight.

Also, you need an egg sinker at this point. The egg sinker has weight and moves from one end to the other end where the line can pass. They help the line to go down into the lake.

Secure the fish hook

The final step is to tie the hook. The hook size is a function of the fish species and their sizes. In order to avoid a fall off, you should make the weight be on the leader line. Ensure the hook is tied to the leader line while the tailing end is in the knot too.

Knocker Rig vs Carolina Rig & Fish Finder

Due to their high level of similarities, one can mistake a knocker rig for a fish finder or Carolina rig. The truth is that they all have their significant differences. For example, the major difference between a Carolina rig and a fish finder is that the latter needs some weights to secure itself towards the bottom. A knocker rig may not require as much weight as both.

All the products need multiple knots between their mainline and the hook – if the item is not properly fixed, this may lead to breakage. In addition, the fish ringer rig can lead to different stress points on the product if on a structure or big enough such that they are easily tossed around by the weight.

Since people have often mistaken them all, many anglers have been ineffective because they used a knocker rig as a fish finder or as a Carolina rig. As a result, their rigs could make the line get tangled or more difficult for the hunter to get the bait to where fishes can eat it.

Hence, it becomes important to know which option is more appropriate. Knowing their major difference would help to know which rig to use during the heavy current, rig casts farther, and maximize every fishing moment. 

Carolina Rigs

Pros of Carolina Rig

    • You can cast farther with them
    • There are fewer tangles along the line due to its compactness

Cons of Carolina Rig

    • The weight may affect the fish tool if you let out too much line

Carolina Rig is the perfect option if you fishing in a place with less current. If you do not want the bait to move far upon reaching the end of the lake, this is the better option for you.

Fish Finder

Pros of Fish Finder

    • You can make the line as long as possible when the current is strong such that the fish can find your bait

Cons of Fish Finder

    • It may not get as far as you want
    • The leader can twist with the mainline while dropping it into the bottom.
    • The bait and sinker are far away from each other

Hence, the fish finder is the perfect choice to fish if you are not casting your line far. Just ensure your bait properly fits and the bait is streamlined towards the bottom. And also, there will be no entanglement.

The Carolina rig has a movable egg sinker that moves freely.


You would love to have a knocker rig no matter your fishing location. It is the perfect setup you need as an angler whether you are fishing inshore or offshore. Just fix the bait and drip the rig. You are always covered.

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